The BEST Podcast Recording Software 2022 | SquadCast vs Welder vs Riverside vs Zencastr Overview!

If you run a podcast, what you got to know is that the quality of your recording is like your own personal business card.

It’s how people make snap judgments of your content.

Who would want to listen to someone whose audio and camera recording sucks?

So in this video, I’m going through the in’s and out’s of the best podcast recording software and demonstrating how they operate in real-time recordings.

Everything you need to make a decision on your own podcast recording software is in this video.

Key Takeaways:

– Intro (00:00)
– A ‘blind sample’ of each software (01:55)
– Squadcast pricing/features (02:30)
– Why Welder might be best for you (05:30)
– Everything to know about Riverside (09:29)
– Zencastr features overview (13:12)
– Live, real-time recordings of each software (15:39)
– My own recommendations (30:30)

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